Staff at Fusion® Pet Retreat®

Our staff lives by our philosophy. You can see their passion for pets and well-being focused care in everything they do. Meet our staff in person or get to know them a little better by reading about them here.

Get to Know Fusion’s Staff:

I’ve been involved in dog training and pet care for many years and am currently training my two golden retrievers, Tilly 9.5 years and Chatter 7 months. Tilly has earned her Master Agility Champion title and will begin competitions in NoseWork. Chatter will soon be entering obedience and agility trails, NoseWork and fieldwork. I’m very excited about the beautiful training facility we’ve built at Fusion Pet Retreat and hope many of our clients will sign up for our training classes. I never dreamed I would be doing what I am doing today. It’s been a wonderful journey. You never know what path our dogs may lead us. My hope is that Fusion Pet Retreat Training Center will give our clients and their dogs the opportunity to share in the joy of that journey.
I have been training dogs of various breeds since 2002 and going on my 15th year of dog training. I am currently the Assistant Coach of the European Open USA Team and has been doing that for the past three years. I have shown and trained many breeds from Papillons to German Shepherd Dogs. I enjoy seeing owners and their dogs come together as a cohesive team throughout their journey. With my diverse background in dogs, it makes it easy for me to help every dog/handler team reach their fullest potential.
My love for animals began in 2006 with the adoption of my first dog – Hatti, a schnauzer-border collie mix. Hatti and I began agility training together, and fell in love with the sport. Even though Hatti passed away in 2015, I continue to enjoy training in dog sports. I currently share my life with my two border collies – Marzena (4yrs) and Rizzo (2yrs).Throughout school, I worked at a dog boarding and rescue facility in Wisconsin. I attended college at the University of Minnesota, graduating in 2016 with a degree in Human Resources. I am very excited to combine my two passions through my work at Fusion.
My love of animals began with my family dog, a beautiful Vizsla. I have worked at dog daycare centers and volunteer as a foster with Pet Project Rescue Art. Through it, my family adopted Bash, our Lab mix. I am currently majoring at the U of M in ecology, evolution and behavior. My biggest accomplishments are passing organic chemistry and skydiving and becoming part of the Fusion Pet Retreat team.
I have been an animal lover for my whole life. My family always had animals, and I spent my childhood at my grandparent’s farm in California where I collected eggs, rode horses, and pet cows in the pasture. I currently am a licensed cosmetologist of 6 years, an owner of a dog (named Mackerel) and 3 cats – Seymour, Maxwell, and Soxx. My manager, Elizabeth, likes to call me the “Cat Whisperer”, as she believes any cat I encounter here will let me give them love. I am loving my job and the people I work with at Fusion; the staff and customers are great. I enjoy getting to be a part of something amazing where I know the animals are well looked after and the joy of our furry clients is our first priority.
I’ve always been a lover of all animals, but I’m especially fond of cats. Jenkins is my gorgeous domestic long hair and best buddy. I graduated from Normandale Community College and plan to continue my education to become a veterinary technician and animal behavior specialist. Here at Fusion Pet Retreat I get to bring my love of animals to all the wonderful pets entrusted to our love and care.
When I’m not dedicating my time and love to all the critters at Fusion, I am spending my time with my own little mutt, two cats, and four ferrets. I am also in the process of earning a baccalaureate degree in 2- dimensional art at St. Cloud State University. Before my love of pets brought me to Fusion, it brought me the opportunity to train and learn grooming at a nationwide company. My attention to detail and patience for each dog’s unique traits has led me to pursue grooming here at Fusion. While working here, I have ample time to work with each pet, making the grooming experience as comfortable as possible. I’m thrilled to be part of a team that truly does put the pet’s safety above all else.
My love for animals started when I was very young. I grew up in the country and took in many farm cats. I went to college for veterinary technology and had the opportunity to work at some great vet clinics. While my husband was in the army, I worked at an animal boarding facility on base so I could continue my love of animals. Now that I am home in Minnesota, I am continuing my passion here at Fusion Pet Retreat. When I’m not here at Fusion I’m busy with my three dogs, Lady, JD and Chase. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I have always had a love for animals. I love cats, but I have a soft spot for dogs. When I am not at Fusion, I am at home with my boyfriend, our 2 kids (E’ly[6] and Elizabeth [3]), 6 cats (3 of which are kittens), pup (Daisy), and dragon (Booger). I am so happy I get to share my love for animals with so many great people (both the Fusion staff and customers)! I can’t wait to see what my future holds here at Fusion Pet Retreat.
I just recently moved back to the Twin Cities from Mankato, MN where I was a Literature Education Major. Due to unforeseen event, I made the decision to move back to the Twin Cities to be closer with my family. I found myself working with dogs and other animals to occupy my time and I’ve never looked back. I hope in the future to have a small hobby farm and to breed reptiles.
My first pet was a turtle name Donatello. After that, I’ve had fish, hamsters, dogs, cats, and bred Zebra Finches. There are very few animals I don’t love. I recently moved to the Twin Cities. Originally I grew up on a farm with a variety of animals. I am new to the pet care industry, but have spent a lot of time with animals and have fostered for a few dogs and cats. I am so happy to be able to take care of your fur babies along with the great staff at Fusion.
I just moved from Southern Minnesota up to the Twin Cities this past year. I have a boxer named Cricket, so naturally I have a soft spot for bully breeds. Although, I am a student of the arts, I chose to work for Fusion for the friendly environment and great staff.

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