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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding at Fusion is for all dogs, any size, any breed, any age, even non-social or special needs dogs. Our boarding provides your pet with small group playtimes, frequent rest and potty breaks, and exceptional care.

Let Fusion Pet Retreat keep your dog happy and comfortable while you are away!

Dog Boarding

Care designed with your canine in mind.


Dogs get to play in small playgroups at doggie daycare or one-on-one with staff! 2,500 sq. ft. of indoor space + 8,000 sq. ft. of outdoor play space!

All Dogs Welcome

Any size, breed, or age! We can even accommodate shy, dog reactive, or special needs pets with options just for them.

Peace of Mind

Staff is here 6am-10pm every day + all of our pet care team is certified by a certified behaviorist!


Every dog gets a private kennel outfitted with a comfortable bed, water, and food dishes.


State-of-the-art facility with 36-camera survellience system, fire detection and suppression, and back-up power generator!


We offer quick and easy check-in, flexible drop-off/pick-up times, and are near by — just off Minnetonka Blvd & I-494.

Dog Boarding Rates

Keeping your pet happy and comfortable.

Click on an option for rates

Stanrdard Room

Standard Boarding

Special Boarding Options

Socially Selective & Geriatric Boarding

Deluxe Suite

Private 9′ x 12′ room

Extra Large Suite

Private 15′ x 20′ room

Medium to Large Room

Standard Room

Standard rooms are 5′ x 6′. Booking this room includes feeding, medications, a raised Kuranda Bed, and a private water dish.

Standard Boarding - $58/day

These rooms can comfortably accommodate multiple dogs from the same family (Additional dogs get a 10% Discount).

Geriatric Room

Non-Social Rooms

Non-Social Rooms

Special Boarding Options

Designed specifically for non-social dogs and for geriatric dogs — these rooms are our quiestest, with extra care given to privacy. Learn more on our special needs page.

Non-Socials - $78/day

Specially created spaces for dogs who prefer privacy and space, where they will have no interaction with other dogs.

Geriatric Suite - $60/day

All the amenities of the standard boarding, while also providing your dog a quieter space reserved for guests enjoying their golden years.

Deluxe Doggie Suite

Deluxe Doggie Suite

Doggie Suite – Deluxe

Deluxe suites provide guests with peaceful, completely private getaways. Each room has a private door entrance and full walls, allowing your dog a quiet sanctuary while they are resting. Rooms measure roughly 9′ x 12′.

Deluxe Suites - $76/day

These rooms can comfortably accommodate multiple dogs from the same family.

Additional dogs are $40/day.

Luxury Doggie Suite

Luxury Doggie Suite

Doggie Suite – Luxury

Luxury suites are extra large, measuring roughly 15′ x 20′. Each room is completely private, with a private door entrance and full walls, allowing your dog a quiet sanctuary while they are resting.

Luxury Suite - $100/day

These rooms can comfortably accommodate multiple dogs from the same family.

Additional dogs are $40/day.

Pick-up & Drop-off Policies

We are open M-F from 7am-12pm & 1-7pm and S-S from 8am-12pm & 1-5pm. You are welcome to drop off anytime during those hours. Boarding pickup should happen before noon. If an owner is unable to pickup their dog before noon, they will be charged a full-day of doggie daycare.

Dog Boarding Stay Extras

Optional add-ons to spoil your pup in style.

Calming Pheromones

Natural pheromone treatments are meant to help calm and de-stress your pet.

Cuddle Time
$10/15 minutes

Individual cuddle time, in addition to their group play, one-on-one with our staff!

Doggy Cupcake

Made locally in the Twin Cities with high quality, natural ingredients. Peanut Butter cupcake, topped with peanut butter doggie frosting, and topped with a treat.

Progress Report Card

Get pupdates! We’ll tell you all about your pet’s adventures here at Fusion, including pics or video!

Frozen Stuffed Kong

A size-appropriate frozen kong filled with special treats to help keep your pet busy!

Take a Tour

Want to learn more about us?

Our staff would love a chance to show you around and answer all of your questions.

If you would like to tour our facility after watching the virtual tour, feel free to come in during any of these time windows:

  • Monday 10-11am,
  • Tuesday 10-11am or 5-6pm,
  • Wednesday 10-11am or 2-3pm,
  • Thursday 10-11am or 5-6pm,
  • Friday 10-11am.

Dog Boarding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring for my dog's stay?


Individual meals prepackaged per feeding. This ensures that your pet receives exactly the amount of food you feed at home. We do have House Food that we can feed your dog at a price of $2/meal.


We are happy to accept any personal items you feel would make your pet more comfortable. Since accidents do happen, we recommend you bring items that are washable.

Why do I have to pre-bag my food?

We ask all of our clients to pre-bag their dog’s food to ensure each dog is getting the appropriate amount. At times, we have had people say “my dog gets a heaping cup of food.” However, that can mean something different to each person. So, we ask you to pre-bag the food to ensure your dog gets their normal amount of food.

Can I put my pet's medication in their meals?

No. Prescription medication must be in the original bottle from your vet. Our Supervisors will administer medication as prescribed. Note: Non-prescription pills such as fish oil tablets, etc. may be put in food.

Is there an extra charge to administer medications?
No. There is no extra charge.
Can you administer medications via injection?
No. Unfortunately, we are unable to administer any injections to your pet. We recommend you check with your vet for the best options available to your pet if they need an injectable medication.
What vaccines does my dog need?
All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Dogs must also have had a negative fecal test within the past 12 months. Dogs should also be on regular flea and tick preventative during the months of April-October.

If there is a reason your vet has advised you not to give your pet a vaccination, please contact us to discuss any exemption policies.

Do you accept titers instead of vaccines?
Yes, we will accept recent titers in lieu of vaccinations. Titers must be renewed yearly.
My dog has a special diet - can you accomodate that?
Yes, we accommodate special diets. We can refrigerate or freeze foods depending on your needs. Additionally, we can have veterinary trained staff feed your dog to accommodate any special diet restrictions.
When do I need to pick up my boarding dog?
Pickup should be done before noon on the day of departure. If an owner is unable to pick the dog up by noon, then the owner will be charged a full-day of doggie daycare.
Do you allow early drop-offs?
Yes, providing you request an early drop-off at least 72 hours in advance. In addition, prior to your pet’s stay you must: Bring everything your pet will need for the stay. Complete the intake process as if your pet was with you. Tell us the exact time you will be dropping off so that we can have someone ready to greet you.
Do you allow late pick-ups?
No, unfortunately we cannot accommodate out-of-business hours pickups. If you need to extend or alter your pet’s stay, please call our front desk at 952-936-9000.
What are your emergency procedures?
At Fusion, the health and safety of our clients is our number one priority. Because of this we have a special security system integrated with fire monitoring. We have 36 cameras in the building to monitor the safety of our clients. We also have a back-up power generation unit. In the case of pet medical emergencies, we ask for your requests during drop off. In the case of a medical emergency, we will immediately try to contact you. If that is not possible, we will contact your provided emergency contacts. Additionally, we have staff that are trained and very experienced. You can rest assured that in any emergency we have your pet’s best interest in mind.
What does my dog do all day?
We place all of our daycare dogs into a small playgroup. Dogs are placed in a playgroup based on multiple factors, including: dog’s size, temperament, play style, and age. Each group is small, featuring no more than 10 dogs per group. Our pet care staff takes out a group in 20 minute play sessions. When your dog finishes his or her play session, they will go back to their room for a nap. Throughout the day we rotate between groups. Between, noon – 1pm, we have naptime for all the dogs. During this time, we give dogs lunch if they have it. Or we just use it as a quiet time to allow the dogs to rest for a little bit.
How do you clean your kennels? How often?
Proper cleaning procedures are a core principle of our staff. We clean a dog or cat’s run daily. Once a kennel has been vacated, we completely sanitize the kennel. We go over every inch of the kennel to ensure it is completely clean before another animal uses it.
What is your cancellation policy?
We require you to give us at least 24 hours notice before cancelling any service. If you cancel within 24 hours of your reservation starting, you will be charged the full amount of the scheduled service.
Do you offer extra services to spoil my pet?
Yes. We are happy to offer the additional services listed below:
Cuddle Time – $10 / 15 minutes
Calming Pheromone Spritz – $2.00 / treatment
Doggie Ice Cream Treat – $2.50 each
Progress Report Card – $5 each
Frozen Stuffed Kong – $4 each