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Events & Seminars

Fusion Pet Retreat’s training center offers various events and seminars on a regular basis. We are happy to partner with different community organizations to offer various events. We also offer Seminars taught by our qualified instructors in different topics including agility, behavior, and more.

All events & seminars are hosted in the comfort of a climate-controlled 11,000 sq. ft. indoor facility.

Upcoming Seminar and Events

Seminars with Anna Eifert

Dates: Friday, April 5th thru Sunday, April 7th

About Anna: Anna Eifert is a OneMind Dogs trained coach and international competitor, having made the podium at several events on the world stage.  Anna bring a wealth of experience training and competing in agility – starting with a Miniature Bull Terrier, Giovanni.  She has also run Belgian Shepherds, Schipperke, and Border Collies.  Anna has been teaching Agility seminars since 2007, and in 2015 was selected to become an OMD coach.

 Her current dogs are Border Collie Nevian and Miniature Bull Terrier Dú. Anna works as a full-time agility trainer in her own company in Hungary. Agility has been part of her life for 15 years and she also has a sports background in amateur gymnastics.

 As a handler, Anna describes herself as ‘the crazy one’: “I’m the one who runs the Bull Terrier!” She enjoys independent obstacle skills, distance work and unique handling solutions, which she can select herself.

 When Anna is coaching, she is almost always smiling, because she loves dogs and she also loves to teach agility. “I’m very patient and precise. I like to make hard courses easy for my students,” Anna says.

 Anna thinks all good coaches have a few things in common: “They are patient, they are passionate to teach, help and share knowledge. They are flexible. They can explain very well. They can motivate. They love dogs. They are positive. And they have a great sense of humor.”

Puppy Foundation Skills

Friday, April 5th – 8am-12noon

Working Spots (8 Spots): $130 | Auditing (Unlimited): $25

Calling all future agility stars! This mini seminar will be focused on teaching important skills for your agility puppy. We will cover how to teach obstacle focus and handler focus, balancing the dog’s left and right side and helping the lead changes, especially away from the handler. All of Anna’s teachings are based on natural reactions with playful motivation. Jumps and tunnels will be used.

Distance Skills

Friday, April 5th – 1-5pm

Working Spots (8 Spots): $130 | Auditing (Unlimited): $25

Learn how to incorporate more distance into your handling. The focus on this seminar will be teaching how to build independence away from you. This is a great seminar for young dogs or experienced dogs looking to incorporate more distance into their handling. Small sequences of jumps and tunnels will be used. Dogs should be at least 12mo.

Connection and Commitment

Saturday, April 5th – 8am-5pm (w/1 hr. lunch break)

Working Spots (8 Spots): $260 | Auditing (Unlimited): $25

Today’s courses require a lot of connection and commitment. But it can be challenging to understand what that means while running at speed. This seminar will focus on where to watch and what to see to know you have connection and commitment. Dogs should be able to run full sequences and be proficient on all obstacles.

International Handling

Sunday, April 7th – 8am-5pm (w/1 hr. lunch break)

Working Spots (8 Spots): $260 | Auditing (Unlimited): $25

Practice international style courses from an International Agility Handler, World Team Member, and OneMind Dogs Instructor! The seminar will feature coursework accompanied by course analysis during the walkthrough focusing on the dog’s line, the handlers path and position, and insightful information. Dogs should be competing at the Masters/Champion Level and should be proficient on all obstacles. 

Jump Commitment and Focus Forward: Agility Mini Seminar

Dates: Friday, March 29th from 6:30-9pm

Instructor: Beth Hostetter

About the Seminar:

This mini seminar will help teach you to see your dog’s commitment to jumps and obstacles, and help your dog learn to HOLD their commitment so you can get farther ahead on the course.

Open to all teams wanting to improve their jump commitment. Only jumps and tunnels will be used.

Novice Jumpers – Agility Mini Seminar

Dates: Friday, April 19th from 6:30-9pm

Instructor: Beth Hostetter

About the Seminar: This is an opportunity to work on Novice Level Jumpers courses. This mini seminar will include course walking/analysis building skills plus running several Novice Level agility courses.

Only jumps and tunnels plus optional 6 weave poles. Since our weekly training courses usually have contacts – this is an opportunity to practice competition type jumpers courses.

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