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Events & Seminars

Fusion Pet Retreat’s training center offers various events and seminars on a regular basis. We are happy to partner with different community organizations to offer various events. We also offer Seminars taught by our qualified instructors in different topics including agility, behavior, and more.

All events & seminars are hosted in the comfort of a climate-controlled 11,000 sq. ft. indoor facility.

Upcoming Seminar and Events

Jump Grids – Agility Mini Seminar

Dates: Friday, June 7th from 6:30-9pm

Cost: $65

Instructor: Beth Hostetter

About the Seminar:

Teach your dog how to have proper jumping form in this special mini seminar. Class will cover the following: offering a jump, set point, bounce grid, bend grid and more basic jump grids. Class will focus on jumping mechanics and good form while jumping. This class is a great starting point for young dogs, dogs who are habitual bar knockers, or dogs who need to improve their jumping form.

Pre-Requisites: Dogs should be at least 10 months old at start of class. Dogs should have a start line.

Tunnel Fun – Agility Mini Seminar

Dates: Friday, July 19th from 6:30-9pm

Cost: $65

Instructor: Beth Hostetter

About the Seminar: Let’s play with tunnels! Learn about different tunnel behaviors from the dog’s point of view- which behaviors are natural to the dog and which behaviors need teaching to the dog. Curved tunnels, straight tunnels and fast fun!
Skills include: Tight turns out of tunnels, driving out of the tunnel straight ahead to the next obstacle, turning back from a tunnel and the off side of the tunnel.

Agility Mini Seminars with Courtney Moore

Dates: Sunday, June 30th thru Tuesday, July 2nd

About Courtney: Courtney has been training dogs for over 25 years. She has taught and competed in obedience, rally, barn hunt, nose work, FastCAT and agility. In addition to being an avid competitor, she is also a well-known and highly respected judge for both AKC and UKI Agility. Because of her dual roles as both competitor and judge, she has a unique perspective on course design and creating optimal lines for both the handler and dog. She has a deep understanding of how dogs and their humans navigate courses, and she can help each team understand the best handling paths for them. As an instructor she is flexible and can teach within any handling system. Her presentation style is relaxed and fun. You can expect lots of working time for the dogs and ample positive reinforcement for both dogs and handlers.

Verbals for Agility

Dates: Sunday, June 30th 8am-Noon

Cost: Working Spot – $120, Auditing Spot – $25

About the Seminar:

Learn how to effectively use verbal cues in your agility handling.

Masters Handling

Dates: Sunday, June 30th 1-5pm

Cost: Working Spot – $120, Auditing Spot – $25

About the Seminar:

Tune up your Handling Skills with challenges you many see on Masters to Champion level courses.

Send Commitments

Dates: Mon., 7/1 from 8am-Noon & Tues., 7/2 from 8am-Noon

Cost: Working Spot – $120, Auditing Spot – $25

About the Seminar:

Distance requires a good send. This seminar will work through how to get your dog to send away from you and stay committed to the obstacle while you move away.

Young Dog Skills and Drills

Dates: Mon. 7/1 from 1-5pm & Tues. 7/2 from 1-5pm

Cost: Working Spot – $120, Auditing Spot – $25

About the Seminar:

Practice sequences with your up and coming agility star. Sequences will incorporate skills that will  be essential for competition.

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